At LUCAF, in line with our goal, vision and mission, we have undertaken projects in HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support services for women, children, youth, and Maternal & Child Survival Program, etcetera. In line with these, LUCAF has undertaken the following projects.


LUCAF implemented USAID funded SMILE project in partnership with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in two LGAs of Kogi State (Ankpa & Lokoja LGA) which seeks to improve the well – being of vulnerable children and their households through the provision and linking of households to a sustainable income sources to meet the basic needs of Vulnerable Children on regular basis for growth and development.

Services Rendered

The 6 + 1 services namely: were rendered in 15 communities, six in Ankpa LGA and nine in Lokoja LGA.

Communities Served

There are Ikanekpo, Ankpa, Emere, Enabo, Amoke and Abache communities, all in Ankpa LGA.
Madabo, Angwan –Kura, Adankolo, Karaworo, Cantonment, Kabawa, Angwan –Pawa, Rimi and Sarki – Noma communities in Lokoja LGA


Ankpa LGA

Caregiver Vulnerable Children
Male 287 3766
Female 2306 3341
Total 2593 7107


Caregiver Vulnerable Children
Male 123 1229
Female 518 1081
Total 641 2310

Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP)

Lift Up Care Foundation (LUCAF) implemented the Demand Generation for Child Hhealth Services Program in Okehi Local Government Area of Kogi State

This project was sponsored by John Snow INC. The project was aimed at increasig the access to quality treatment for childhod illness at both the community and facility levels by improving the national policy environment and promoting state leadership and investments in child health while strengthening health referrals and other social services in Okehi LGA.

Lift Up Care Foundation (LUCAF) achieved the aforementioned objective by integrating sustainable community-centered activities that increased demand for child health services across primary health care centers and promoted normative change among populace of Okehi LGA across the communities, while deploying effective integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) strategies.

The program was targeted towards an estimated 450 direct beneficiaries through Interpersonal Communication (IPC) session with women, 1800 beneficiaries via house to house session with families within Okehi LGA and over 10,000 indirect beneficiaries. A total of 37 volunteers selected, three (3) each per wards of Okehi LGA trained as community based volunteers drove the process at the community level of Okehi LGA in Kogi State.

In addition, community leaders were identified and trained to improve their knowledge of maternal and child health services for project sustainability.